Over the years of working professionally with post-production of still images, we have developed a very keen eye for aesthetics, whether it be the tonality, lightness or enhancing focus points.


In other words, we know what makes a well-framed image even more pleasing to the eye. We can enhance the quality of an image with the magic of post processing and retouch, with ease and in no time. All this experience translates perfectly into the moving image, and that is why we also provide color correction/color grading of video, including visual coherence in balance, tone and levels, scene-to-scene matching or getting that perfect summer-feel just right.



Not all images are of the ‘one-take’ kind. Maybe a product isn’t completely finished yet, and a prototype is used in its place. Perhaps you already have an image, but would like a different product superimposed onto your existing image for whatever reason. We can provide the help.


Having a small studio at hand, we are able to shoot smaller products, such as earrings, necklaces, fragrances, wine bottles, small loudspeakers, etc. By letting us photograph the product, having control over the light, a tailored fit is better achieved.

Watch example here


Proof printing is your insurance in relation to the final print. A GMG certified proof print from Wetouch complies with the ISO12647-2 standard and is a great tool to bring to the print house. At the print house they are able to read the proofing  strip on the proof print (check that it complies with the ISO12647-2 standard), and then calibrate their printers so that they correspond with the proofing strip. This enables them to get as close as possible to the pictures you’ve approved from us.

Our GMG Printer produces some of the most accurate colours within the CMYK and RGB colour space. Our Epson Pro7900 with Spector Proofer prints on GMG photo paper (60 cm wide).


We offer in-house film scanning on our Imacon film scanner, and we are able to scan film formats up to 4x5”.


The analogue expression lives. More and more photographers are returning to the medium. Because we started in the darkroom, we have a lot of experience with film scanning. We love the medium and see huge potential in traditional photography. In analogue film you achieve a feel and a look you just don’t get with digital photography. But one does not exclude the other. The two mediums can easily complement each other. We are ready to take care of your analogue material.

Image processing is a craftsmanship. Our philosophy is, that there are no final answers. The personal touch actualizes the photo, bringing it to life and emphasizing the narrative and vision. Our world is visual, and we strive to be both visionary and versatile within the photographic medium and motion/film creation, with experience dating back to the days of the darkroom.


We have the knowledge and skills to create the most powerful, inspiring and creative imagery, including commercial, editorial, fashion or art. We are known for our perfectionism and high sense for detail, which comes through in everything we do. Our workers are highly skilled digital artists with passionate visions. We love new talent and we are involved in the education of young and upcoming talents. Wetouch Imagework was established in 2005, and we are currently situated in both Copenhagen and Oslo, serving clients worldwide.