Meet the owner and founder of Wetouch. For the last 23 years, Michall has been working as a passionate photo retoucher, resulting in him venturing out on the greatest adventure of his life, founding in 2005, Wetouch Imagework. Michall is the father of Jullie, an artist, an assiduous beekeeper, and has a love for Volvo Valp trucks, which he currently owns way too many of.

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Katinka is the Office Project Manager, and has been here from the very beginning. She is Wetouch’s point of attachment, master coordinator, capable of handling everything while still ensuring that everyone is well taken care of. Katinka is originally an educated designer and therefore has a good eye for colours, compositions, and has an excellent aesthetic sense. She is known for having green fingers, loves to travel with her daughters, and is a bit of a handywoman. Rumor says that she cheats in croquet - but don’t tell anyone.

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Niklas is the first part of our Swedish segment at Wetouch. He lives in Malmö and commutes from Sweden every day to come over and pour out his digital magic. Niklas is a graduate graphic engineer and likes to nerd out about colours down to the smallest detail. He always has good style, has a fondness for Italian wines starting with "B", and is an energetic squash player. As an old backpacker, he has traveled the globe and enriched the people of the world with his countless folk songs about schnapps.

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Kenneth is the office joker, never passing up the opportunity for a friendly prank. But, first and foremost, Kenneth is an experienced retoucher who pursues his work with seriousness, clarity, and technical understanding. In his youth, Kenneth wondered whether to pursue a career in the film business or to follow his passion for music composing. He chose to reconcile his creative skills and graduated as a graphic designer in 2005. Kenneth is a movie connoisseur and the goto-guy if you have a question about movies. He is a proud father of his son Sofus, very fond of cake, and a bit of a foodie. Fortunately, he is equally fond of jogging, so it should even out.

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Around the office Morten is known as the friendly hipster type from East Jutland. He is the father of Esther & Pelle, loves furniture design, woolly hats and new sneakers (he currently owns over 30 pairs). In addition, he is an educated photographer, a true perfectionist and always has a sense of good taste. On top of that, Morten boasts of being a 1997 national champion of badminton, and currently shares the company trophy with Michall.

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Alexander is an educated photographer and design-engineer, before he decided to make his long time passion for Photoshop and Wacom pens his full time occupation. 

Everything he owns is black (grey or white, if black wasn’t an option). Born and raised in Odense, he now lives in a mansion in Rødovre with his girlfriend. 

He is detail oriented, perfectionistic and always looking for an opportunity to take his motorcycle out for a ride. 


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Meet Alexandra - better known as Alex - and the other part of our Swedish duo. Alex is from Jokkmokk in northern Sweden where the thermometer easily hits -25 degrees in winter. In 2005, Alex traveled to sunny Melbourne, Australia, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts/Photography. Today she lives in Malmö. Alex is the cool, creative type, who is both skilled with her skateboard and with her camera when the perfect motif turns up. At the moment Alex is considering which Nordic motif will next decorate her arms.

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Marius started off working at the Danish office for 5 years, and when he got tired of “the flatland”, he moved and started up our office in Oslo, Norway. As the commander in chief, he's firm – and as a friend, he's fun! Give him a Wacom pen and he'll make magic of grey stone in seconds. Much like he will make the heavens fall down on you if you look twice at his daughter. This guy has the most confusing Spotify playlist you can imagine. He'll pull out some early 90's grunge in one second and L.A.'s finest gangster rap in the next.

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Kristine never thought twice about it, since she started her adventure towards becoming a retoucher, moving to Stockholm in 2014 to study digital imaging at FotoskolanSTHLM.
When she´s not holding on to a wacom pen making magic to the details - you can much likely locate her at rockconcerts. She´s an old soul in a young body fascinated by the polaroid-look, and were introduced to her favorite rockbands (from the 60-70´s) by hunting down secondhand stores, choosing vinyls by it´s covers.
Kristine is responsible for our green plants at the office in Oslo, since it came to our attention that she turned her apartment into a jungle (to the cohabitant´s frustration). 

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Nora has everything that a love song requires. She might be the quiet girl at the office, but she will surprise you with her dark and mysterious thoughts from time to time. She started as a trainee at our Oslo office in 2018 and brings a keen eye for detail and good taste to the table. Nora finds her inner peace doing yoga, playing Xbox and sending Snapchats to random people (that last part might be a joke).

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